In Our Own Words…

Robin Scott

Robin Scott:  Lead Vocals / Harmonies / Tambourine / Shaker

I have been singing since I was 5 years old. I like to say Barbra Streisand taught me to sing because I got her “Greatest Hits Volume II” on cassette for Christmas that year (with my own tape player), and learned the whole thing front and back (back when there was a “front & back”), plus most every other Barbra Streisand album. My dad was into Linda Ronstadt, so I learned all of her stuff, too. I made my mom drive me to the record store so I could spend my allowance on yet another record or cassette. Then along came Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and lots of other great powerful singers. Once I learned the melody, then I learned and made up harmonies to everything. And I was in band and all the choirs I could fit into my schedule in high school. I began my radio career while a junior in high school (following in my father’s footsteps), and have played (and heard) a LOT of songs on the radio of all different kinds, and what our band does is a good representation of songs we all enjoy but don’t feel have been overplayed, by other bands, or on the radio. Rob and I have a couple of kids, we’ve been married for a long time and enjoy getting to do our music together. I also sing many Saturdays (when the band isn’t playing) at Orphan Annie’s in Caldwell with Tom Lowe.

Rob Fields

Rob Fields:  Guitar / Lead Vocals / Harmonies

Started in the karaoke industry in 1990. I managed “Center Stage” for 7 of those years, doing sales and sound system installations and
maintenance. I DJ/KJ’d over 2000 shows in the 20 years that I was in the business. I started to play guitar in my early 20s, performed a few times, recorded a few originals, etc. After Robin and I got married, we started to perform as a duo at various locations. We have been playing together since 1994, have been in a couple bands but never felt like we were doing the stuff we wanted at the level we knew it could be done. LOTS of bands seem to have the “that’s close enough” attitude. We wanted something more perfected and closer to our style. The ATJ project has been great, playing some of the same songs Robin and I had been doing for years, and now doing lots of new stuff. I love arranging the music to make it fit our style as well as compiling the medleys & mashups that we play at our shows. Music is a great therapy and I plan on doing it until I am a very old man, whether anyone is listening or not. My day job is that I own and operate Music Book Deluxe (karaoke songbook software).